"To Move On"

I better fit with people to whom am something.
Something that has a raw meaning.
It’s difficult to understand people
But once you know them it’s smooth as silk, to live rest with them.
Am affected by vi-virus, that’s stuck in my head.
I can live with it without being overwhelmed.
I make sure every night the door is locked safe and sound,
So that you don’t burst forth in my skull.
You grew all over my body and psyche.
But your roots…
Am going to pull it off naked but it’s questionable.
Or maybe one day and that day is mine.
I see you be impaired and wrecked.
I won’t laugh at you to keep the difference between our souls.
Am erasing my memories, everything that I could remember being with you.
It isn’t a solution or clarification of what I really need.
All I need is that you never understand.


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