Wednesday, 30 December 2015

All That I Could Remember From October Twenty Nine - Thirty

It was a happy day.
Never was different from any other day.
The dusk was bit cozy.
The nonversation was too short between us, always ended as it used to be.
Next day was literally a drama.
Unexpected and killing.
I never could ask ‘why’.
But I did, he didn’t ever utter a word.
An unofficial dudevorce.

It’s all that I could remember from that late October.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Taken The Wrong Way

I knocked the door just to make sure that it shuts back again. To close all the possible things between us, or maybe I don’t want hurt myself again. I tried to smile but my dysphoria crushed my lips and weed out my tongue and so couldn’t apologies neither couldn’t shout on your face. I stitched my eye so that no one could see me cry but even then the tears tore off my eyelids and the magma flowed into my sea of tears, it flowed until they clotted.

[Artwork by Chen Ping]

And now I pricked my ear, and am deaf.
My inner self have turned rock.
Psyche doesn’t want to listen to your prickly and sexy sedative voice.
She did warn me to stay away.
The old lady did stop me.
But I was all with you.
And now you don’t want to answer me.
And then.
Eight weeks passed, I knocked again.
All I got was something that hid everything from me.
Am fine with it cause my emotions are on dope.
 Disgustingly you are a swine.
Am the one misunderstood and taken the wrong way all the time..

[Artwork by Zdzisław Beksiński, 1984]

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Sky Is Limited

[Artwork by Chen Ping]

Sky is limited.
Ain’t your dreams.
Teleport to that world,
Where you are illimitable,
Where you are untold,
Where you are not just a story.
But a soul of an entire world of inception.

Be the sire of your dreams.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


My words crack, cause am bruised.
Don’t want it to happen again.
Please I won’t be able to handle.
My flesh is torn off.
You got lots of things to know about me.
That me which you haven’t yet discovered.

I miss your selfishness, really on to my nerves.
Dark never leaves me asleep now.
My eyes are wet indeed, with tears of lonesomeness.
Hope builds up and falls brutishly.
Don’t run away.
Am your chum, and you, an alter ego of mine.

"A Sick Boy's Figment memory"

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