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"A Sick Boy's Figment memory"

13:12pm January 20th, 2017 these stereotypes, am already sad of my consideration- disqualification- you don't fit into the character- you choose- you want to be, My starboard side is broken- don't know where am heading- insecure enough to drown myself- How many like for the next selfie- I call out the differences over the border disputes- And am on repeat, a single song- and I dance-off to the weird noises-voices, inside my head- Clap boy to the rhythm- to the self you see in the mirror without a vocal fold to shout- concern- bed time stories that I have never heard are in my dreams, These are my figments of memories these days, The unconventional side wakes in me- like a sick boy- stands firm on his libs- open- Make a call and remain connected- the utter darkness you see, when the windows are open- I can't Handle your sense of entitlement- I'm spacing out, isolating from my life's worth- I ask you for admiration- no criticism- pull me up- stop telling me am fine-