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Odd of the Wall

High tides, low lights, Staring at the cage, That am going to spend rest, the life. Blue ribbons and gift wrappers, But nothing’s inside, Box of empty rotten people. I tried to live in between them. All I could do, just pretend am happy. With fake friendliness, I tried to look pleased. I tried to look as if flying high. And someone said “you are odd of the wall”. I took his name in vain, may be his blood too. I might have. Am too expensive as am extravagant you can’t afford me! I better be, me and my darker self, Like a shade, an obscurity, a shadow. Am on drugs, help me. Like a nightmare they haunt me. But still I have close my eyes to overcome the fear In the depth of nights to pretend as if am the sleeping beau.
But whatever am an unpredictable swine.

Incomplete and Everything

People & portrait photography by Laura Visigalli

The pages are empty. The story is incomplete. I have my own And yet to be written I feel nude And tempted to be with you Or may be Am being optimistic To be able to Enjoy your beauty In the most darkest Sense of fret self. Am unknown to many But you know my Deepest tactions And so are you... For me. Everything would be written again In black and white Without an empty page.