Monday, 11 January 2016

The Walk

[pic by theboytheory]

Walking over the pavements staring up in the sky like a daydreamer.
I walked all day long.
Am in search for ‘one’.
I couldn’t find it loyal.
So I left and walked on.
Over the pavements.
With a smile and all that I could give to a hobo was small change.
Not enough to buy a candy.
And that’s all am left with.
And I continued over the pavements.
This time alone and sweaty,
Under the sun,
Towards the shore.
To find a raft,
To cross the seas,
To find an isle.
To breed.
To cherish.
To live.
And give birth to my smile on dope,
That which never was complete.
I will build my pathways.
With the missing pieces of my puzzled story that I hardly remember.
And walk over them.
Over the pavements.
The walk never ends till the Gypsy in me die of rheumatic.
And until I find my albatross.

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