Thursday, 30 April 2015

Heart Sparking Night

And that was the night,
The night I realized the volcano is erupting again, with     bi-fold strength.
My heart ripping into twin, spitting out blood all over like a geyser.
Tears rolling down my cheeks it rolled to the edge of my face, like a rain drop.
My heart, howling like an arctic fox.
And dying for each and every moment.
An at last the night left me asleep…

A beautiful heart sparking night!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I had a love

I had a chance,
But I skipped it.
I had a brain,
But I dumped it.
I had a tale,
But I ruined it.
I had a heart,
But I broke it.
I had a life,
I killed it.
I had a love,
And I …. 


Feeling the rhythm in me,
As thought it was for the first time.
They all were different, like never before.
Unique n silently vibrating, pumping up the fire in me.
As the life in me regenerated itself for nothing,
I was blind n never could feel the colour of the universe.
It was all far beyond my reach---
My past had done it.
My present is doing it.
And my future will do it.

Destiny ……so do.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Shutting Down

As I uncoiled myself from my bed.
And as my body rebooted again n again.
I was trying to get out of my bed, but couldn’t.
I started shouting for help, but no one heard me.
Helpless n alone.
Dyeing n suffering.
 I only had an option, just shut myself down.

And bury myself and forget myself.


And all of a sudden, you hit me a tornado.
A sudden blitz of pain, thoughts and desire.
Too huge for me to handle it,
Too crushing, too vast.
Creased to ashes and dragged me to hell.
I couldn’t imagine how disastrous you could be.
Swallowed me into the whirl, spinning too fast and unable to hold on.
You dragged me like anything, like zilch.
I never searched for you, never knew you.

You are an unknown guest to me, an interloper.

Last day

Fake smile, false looks makes me feel bored.
Am not so keen to know about.
But I felt it all while scribbling down with my styles.
I just penned down everything I got about you.
And m mind erases it forever.
I could feel my pain in m skull,
Of that I was suffering from all these years.
Am too close to something which no one wants to have it so soon.
It tears us into two and takes us to different places, where we never have been before.
But I wake up with a smile every day, thinking it would be the last day

The secret concept

My words dried out as life goes on to be a wreak.
It all messed up again n again and it all started piling up.
And all went through my heart deep in me,
With my voice shrilled n chilled.
The lust in me grew as it all ended.
And I was embarrassed because of all that happened between us.
And the spell in your eyes remained as though.


So much romance.
So much pain all around.
And it’s not so hard to die thinking of oblivion.
Looking up in the sky, I could feel it’s infinity.
And I could feel my depth, the depth in me.
And I love it, till my heart gets killed.
And I know it’s deep, deep and it’s deep.

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