Monday, 6 November 2017

Am Fond of Him

learning to control
the fondness for little things that i share
with people, strangers though,
i got no rules, i got no limits.
everything is the same,
i could recognize a pattern,
am on repeat, the same song on the radio,
a million times,
like am addicted to being fond about,
like i make a fool out me,
i try to bring in my territory,
deserted inside four walls, frequent sand storms,
i rot, but my gut let ‘em in,
am flooded, swept away with the ice cold water,
am wet now, wept off half of my face,
i bring it back again,
eerily out of reality, too much spaced-out,
am a fanatic for fondness, the madness,
and all that lavish fucks,

the time 23:23, fuck, it’s late,
late for my hands to please me,
my control is evicted, it’s ruined,
am in a drop, learning to be in my limits,
to bail out of this.. this...


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